We use the latest iPad Pro for its high-quality front camera. Although the app will run on most iPads.

Square only. Why? Because square looks beautiful on your Instagram news feed.

Yes, your chosen colour theme can be applied throughout the app to fit into your brand colours or customer theme.

The app will post instantly to the user via Email and SMS. You can include social media links in the email and encourage users to share online.

Instagram is a tricky little bugger. Instagram does not allow third-party apps to post directly, however, we can include a custom email that the user will receive that includes share icons to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to post directly from their mobile device.

Boothclub allows you to select from a single shot, 4 photo grid and photo strip, a standard GIF, Boomerang and Video.

It’s the 21st century?!? Only joking, we know some venue have no access because networks haven’t reached them. If this is the case all emails will be queued and photos will be saved to the iPad.

Once the app is in situ, guided access will be enabled with you personal passcode to close down the app and access the iPad.

Yes. In most scenarios the branding will be set up for you prior to the event, this will include the overlay and background style, frame speed and sharing option. For any errors or deletions, Boothclub will provide instructions to guide you through resolving issues.

Once the booth has been set up with your desired branding, the only way to access the settings is to force close the app and log back in given the user details provided pre-event.

Depending on the package you book, we offer custom filters and frames to your photos, GIFs or videos.

Yes, you can but only if you have too. Save the trees! Boothclub prints via air print enabled printer or any printer using a laptop/windows tablet to create an Air Print server for your printer.

Photos are saved to a gallery in real-time where you can download the full collection or individual photos with instant share options.

You can customise specific pages of the app including the instruction/touch to start page. Data capture page and photo branding. The background of the app and share icons can fit the colours of your brand or customer theme.

If you don’t want us to take care of the branding we can send you the dimensions of the overlay or frames and you will need to save them to the camera roll. Your instruction guide that comes with your product will include where to place this in the settings area. Dimensions – 1280px X 1280px

You can customise the email and SMS message within the settings. With custom HTML emails we would generally ask you to send the design and relevant links you need for the email message sent to the customer when they receive their photo.

Emails and SMS are sent through external third-party providers. The email service is through Sendgrid and SMS uses Twilio.

Yes! We can set up trackers through our integrated email service provider.

Boothclub software is available as a wall-mounted booth in a circular and hexagonal design. The software can be used in a freestanding pod or built into custom units or cars. Branding is available for an additional fee.

This depends on where you are based in the UK or worldwide. If you’ve come this far in our FAQs we should probably have a chat.

For anything not answered here please drop us a line via email to join@boothclub.com.

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