Design guide

Start page

Customise the design of the app to keep in tune with your campaign or brand. The software accommodates animated background if you want to adds a little extra pop at your event.

Screen Size – 2732x2048px

Format:  PNG*, JPG, GIF, MP4, MOV

*Provide in a PNG format to add transparency to the page


Photo/GIF branding

By taking square photos, they look natural no matter the device being used to view. It could almost be considered the universal photo ratio. The branding size is the same for single still image, GIF, Boomerang and Video.

Size :
Square: 1280px x 1280px –  Transparent PNG frame

Portrait: 1080 x 1920px – Transparent PNG frame

Page Screens

Customise the look of the app and keep everything on brand by adding a background to all pages of the app.

Size: 2048 x 2732px

Format: PNG, JPG


Data capture and thank you page logo

Add your logo and text to ensure users their data is secure. All data is stored in password protected database and is removed after 2 weeks automatically. We offer two opt in boxes, the first tick box is accepting the mandatory GDPR. The second one can be used to encourages users to sign up to mailing list.


350 x 100px – transparent PNG for the best-looking logo.

Autogenerated email

Keep it short and sweet and don’t have too many links to avoid upsetting the spam filters.

Max Size: 1080 by 1920px 



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