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Blank canvas

Our software has been purpose built to provide brands with a blank canvas to customise the interface and user experience. Need help with the design? We offer comprehensive white label design service

Real time stats

Why not maximise your reach by collecting data in real time and retargetting your target market with content they want to see.

Easy Setup

We developed the software with the user in mind. Simple to use, create presets and copy settings with content management system accessible from your computer or phone.

Intuitive settings

If you're setting up the event from our online dashboard or directly from the app we've kept the interface the same throughout.

Customisable output

From the photo or video design overlay to the email they receive this can be created to have the same and look and feel as the rest of your app design, including links to social.

Interactive UX

Whether you opt for the touch or touchless system we've made the system as simple and interactive as possible. Take photo, choose design and share.

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More about Boothclub

Boothclub is created by an event company specialising in photographic activations. All their knowledge and knowhow comes from years of experience and working with some of the top experiential agencies in the UK to bounce ideas. They choose us because…


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Clean, simple to follow, easy to update and user friendly to maximise brand exposure in a digital world.

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